Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Playskool: My First Vlog

Since it is becoming increasingly clear people prefer to watch things rather than read them, I am going to post the occasional vlog (short for "vagina monologue"). I'm kind of new to the vlog scene, so please be sure to mock me mercilessly while you still can. After all, destructive criticism is the most sincere form of criticism.

Anyway, to kick things off, I (that is my mug you're seeing) am reading a passage from Urinal Gum #9. I only recently learned how to read, so I make a few mistakes. I'm hoping down the road I'll figure out how to edit. I don't do anything magical with my face during this, so feel free to just listen and enjoy the Michigan accent.

Today's vlog is brought to you by the Neti pot. I'm gonna let you in on a little ancient secret: For millions of years yogis have used the Neti pot to help them through Eugene's pollen-packed summers. In fact, my use of the Neti pot made it possible for me to go without a Kleenex for five full minutes. This allowed me to create the fine piece of art show above. I recommend the snot out of Neti pots:

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